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Sponsorships for Nursepreneurs

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Fee $625 3-day self-paced course. You may begin anytime after 72 hours of registration. This course was set up to be completed over the course of three days with about 12 hours worth of learning content, and another 6-8 hours of developing your own sponsorship proposal using the skills learned in the course. You will have access to all course materials for 1 year from Course start date. Please email for questions about this course. Course Materials- Downloads Sponsorship Proposal Templates Sponsor Cold Email Templates Sponsorship Reporting Template Sponsorship Implementation Checklist Opportunities to test your knowledge What you'll learn ✔️Students will have the appropriate skills and tools to approach various companies and brands in order to successfully get Sponsorships or Brand Ambassadorships!
 ✔️Increased their skills and tools for promoting themselves by using their social media presence (and blog / websites if available)
Confidently pitch professional emails to companies in regards to sponsorship and ambassadorships of products, services or money!
 ✔️Confidently know how to market self and pitch yourself to different companies based on your own skills
 ✔️Confidently have the necessary skills to get hotels / trips / products and cash sponsored to you

Course Content

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