5 Business ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs

7 Business Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs

5 Ideas for Aspiring Nurse Entrepreneurs

1) Childbirth education or doula

A service-based business idea focused on the beginning of a person’s life, rather than the end. Some nurses choose to start a business as a doula, or someone who provides childbirth education to pregnant women. This can be done as a concierge service or to help the underserved.

Starting your own business as a childbirth educator can be both complex and rewarding. Some nurse doulas work one-on-one with pregnant women to prepare them for the birthing process. These doulas are on-call and are on-site for the birth.

Another option for this type of nurse entrepreneur idea is to offer paid classes to people who are preparing for childbirth. Teaching classes can be slightly less intense work than helping couples one-on-one and being present for the births themselves.

In either case, however, these business ideas allow you to utilize your medical background, as well as take part in an exciting and rewarding part of life — without requiring the strict, intensive schedule of a hospital or doctor's office.

2) Telehealth consulting

If you're pretty good with technology, the best business for you to start, especially in the age of covid, could be related to telehealth. This is becoming more and more popular within the medical field — allowing patients to converse with nurses and doctors through phone or video calls. Patients don’t have to leave their homes to receive simple diagnoses and prescriptions, and medical professionals can see more patients in a day.

Starting a business as a telehealth consultant can allow you to practice as a nursed and a entrepreneur without having to leave your home. As a telehealth consultant, you can also set a schedule that’s more flexible for both you and your patients — including early mornings or later at night, when regular doctors’ offices aren’t typically open. NureproCEO has helped dozens of nurse entrepreneurs start successful Telehealth consulting and it is a very profitable business.

3) Career coach

For nurses like Priscilla Jankans, Whose does just about everything in nursing- being a career coach may be the way to go.

If you enjoy mentoring others and offering job advice, the best business idea to start might be a career coaching business. Similar to any coaching business, you'd work with students, young professionals and other clients to help them apply for jobs, plan their career paths and prepare for interviews. As a medical professional with experience in the field, you'd be able to serve as a great resource to those also looking to become nurses, nurse practitioners or doctors. You'll be able to offer general career and professional advice, as well as clue your clients into the details and nuances of the medical field.

In addition, as a career coach, you can operate your business virtually, or even open your own office — depending on what you'd prefer. Plus, as you work on your coaching business, gain clients and see success, you might be able to market your services on a larger scale to colleges, universities and other education organizations.

4) Fitness nurse

Also, a top business idea for nurses that can be done from home or on-the-go, becoming a fitness nurse involves working with clients to create a personalized health plan that includes exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Obviously this type of health care business is focused on preventing disease instead of treating it.

This new type of nursing might be just the right way to combine your skills with a passion and start a business — especially if you're enthusiastic about fitness and exercise. Of course, to best serve your clients, you may decide to obtain some additional certifications for nutrition and personal training specifically.

Wellness coach

5) Last but no least more and more patients move away from taking medication to solve their health issues, they’re looking for alternative methods and more holistic approaches.

By pairing a nursing degree with a holistic approach to health, you can become a wellness coach. Becoming a wellness coach is a great home-based business idea for nurses — as you can opt to work with and see clients in your own space, or, if you choose, travel to meet them. Plus, a large part of wellness coaching often involves building and maintaining an online presence, something that can also be done from home.

What gets you Going

While there are many reasons to start your own business, an important one to focus on is doing something that you’re truly passionate about. Operating your own business can certainly increase your income, but that shouldn’t be the sole reason you go into business for yourself. Focus on picking a business that will allow you to do more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t. Choosing a business idea for nurses that meshes with your passion will make the long hours that you’ll inevitably work (at least when you’re first getting things off the ground) just a little bit easier.

Author Gina Lee