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Open & Operate a Profitable Medical Staffing Agency

Payment plan

4 Day Self-Paced Course . You may begin at any time  3 days after enrollment

How our Payment Plan Works

Deposit of $1350 to register for the course First payment of $1350 due in 30 days of registration  Second and final payment of $1350 due in 60 Days of registration  Total for course $4,000 ( includes pay plan fee)

Open Your Medical Staffing Agency with Confidence

Learn from our Team of Experts

Presented by Priscilla Jankans

Priscilla is a retired Board Certified Nurse practitioner/ Nurse executive who left her corporate job at 34 to start her Million dollar enterprise. Now as a Founder & CEO of multiple businesses including a Medspa, CNA school, 2 home healthcares and a national medical staffing agency with over 11k employees she speaks nationally to empower nurses to start their very own PROFITABLE enterprise !​ - Courses For Nurse Entrepreneurs- How to Open & Operate a Profitable Medical Staffing Agency

Course Details 

4 Day Self-Paced Course . You may begin at any time 72 hours after enrollment

Day One 


Medical Staffing Agency 

Hospital Staffing Departments 

Finances & Money Math 

Daily Operations & Back Office 

Employee Handbook- Policies & Procedures 

Day Two

How to Secure Contracts: THE GOLDEN METHOD 

VMS / MSP 101

Payroll Funding 

Insurances/ Liabilities Protect your business
Travel Nurse Stipends & Calculations 

& IRS 101

Day Three

Business Formation & Credentialing

Marketing & Branding for Profits

The Joint Commission Certification 

Covid-19 Long-Term impact on MSA's

Day Four 

Final thoughts & Insider Tips: Are we clear ?

1 Month Free Mentorship 

Get organized

Are We Clear - Courses For Nurse Entrepreneurs- How to Open & Operate a Profitable Medical Staffing Agency

Did you know 4 Full-Time Contracted workers generate your agency more than $500k per year.

There were 81 firms that generated more than $50 million in US healthcare temporary staffing revenue in 2021 as the market surged It represents a 37% increase from the 59 firms featured in last year’s report. The largest healthcare staffing firms in the US generated a total of $39.2 billion in healthcare staffing revenue, up from $17.7 billion in the previous year’s report. Wow !!

Important Details

Within 24 hours of Registering for your course you will receive a unique link to join the course & sign up for your 1 month free NPC membership.

 please initially join from a desktop computer).

You must sign up as a site member before entry into the course

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Please Note:

  The forms and consents in this course must be used in conjunction with applicable federal and state rules as they relate to the standard of care required to provide such staffing services. Nothing in these documents or policies should be interpreted to supersede applicable federal or state rules. These documents are meant for guidance and information only ‚ use of the forms should be in conjunction with advice from local legal counsel based upon your individual circumstances. NurseproCEO assumes no liability from any use of these forms. Transfer or sale of these forms is strictly prohibited

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